Hi, my name in Delphine Dorritt. I was born and raised in the beautiful Hautes-Alpes in France. I moved to Brighton in the UK in 2001, where I studied, worked and raised a family for the next 10 years. In August 2011, my family and I moved back to the Hautes-Alpes returning to the glorious sun, snow and mountains.

I studied for my degree in English and Translation through a distance learning programme from 2001-2004, while living in the UK. It was challenging, balancing work and study but it was extremely helpful to live in the country of my chosen subject.

After graduation I travelled around SE Asia and Australia for five months.  Since then I have always had a passion for travel and a nagging wanderlust! (Causing several extended trips to S.E. Asia, Fiji and N.Africa and a 1 year working holiday in New Zealand).

It has taken several years to build up my client list and be able to make freelancing a full-time job. The bulk of my work still comes from agencies, mainly in the UK and USA, but I am lucky enough to specialise in a field I love…Fashion! Now translating is not simply just a job for me, it is a passion and it fits well with my lifestyle and family needs.

I love my job and the freedom and independence it has given me. Even within my specialist field, the sheer variety of subject material is enormous. I feel very lucky, being part of such a creative and stimulating industry.


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